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Zarah Westhouse – Is this a crush?
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The Swiss artist Zarah Westhouse releases beautiful songs created with a sense of love for everything that surrounds us. Her new single 'Is this a crush?' was released on August 4 and is an incredibly warm song that shines with summer light and blows with a refreshing breeze.
Bjørn BARock – Stell mir keine Fragen
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'Stell mir keine Fragen' is the title of the new single of the Swiss artist Bjørn BARock that was released just now. After his debut album 'Raus in die Freiheit', Bjørn BARock decided to continue his creative journey independently performing all roles in the recording process.
Phoam – Disclosure
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Swiss band Phoam released their first album 'Disclosure' on May 12. The record consists of 10 original tracks that clearly represent the musical picture of their creative essence.
Neo & Neo – Behind the Walls (Live at Hardstudios)
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Swiss indie band Neo & Neo have shared a new concept for their track 'Behind the Walls' from their album 'Light Me Up Again'. The band gathered in the recording studio to perform this musical composition live.
Roger Ricks – What A Place
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Swiss artist Roger Ricks released his new single 'What A Place' on March 10. This bright rock hit is real anthem that inspires and saturates our vital energy.
Adik Angel – EVASIONS
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Adik Angel, a musician and producer based in Switzerland, productively uses her creative potential, giving fans of dance, hip-hop and house music unparalleled hits. In her music, she uses a wide palette of musical styles, adding her knowledge of Balkan and Eastern music.
Wolkenpark – Wizard Wisdom
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The Swiss quartet Wolkenpark presented their debut album called 'Wizard Wisdom'. The release took place at the end of last year, which allowed us to feel the full force of the musical insight and talent of this band.
Roger Ricks – Lost
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The Swiss multi-instrumentalist musician Roger Ricks records and releases music inspired by classic rock. His tracks have a modern sound and perfectly sanctify his production talent. On December 9, Roger Ricks released a new single called 'Lost'.
Imelda Gabs – Reckless
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On December 9, a new single 'Reckless' by the singer-songwriter Imelda Gabs, was released. Imelda Gabs releases her music rarely, but each of her tracks is a pop masterpiece that can be listened to over and over again.
Venusia – The Man Who Sold The World
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Venusia is an artistic project of two like-minded musicians and songwriters who follow their dreams with the help of their creativity. Andrew Bayuk and Anisah Alyahya have a medical education but relatively recently they met to create and play music that would inspire people.