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Adik Angel – Up So High
Adik Angel is a talented musician and composer who shows the unearthly beauty of melodies and harmonic sophistication with her work. Her creative path is rich in interesting releases, musical education and many significant awards.

Adik Angel writes, performs and records her own music independently and her music catalog is colorful synth pop, soothing with its ambient and nostalgic with its cinematic themes. The musical composition 'Up So High' is a beautiful synthesizer song that lifts the mood with its unexpected energy and organic grace.  

Apart from the music itself, Adik Angel makes her own music videos and 'Up So High' is the latest one. In the music video 'Up So High', we have the opportunity to climb the snowy heights of the Alps together with the artist and feel the combination of nature and music. Snow, sun, melodies and soft rhythms, what else is needed for a great time.  

Watch the music video 'Up So High' below on YouTube and get inspired by Adik Angel's amazing track to easily reach your heights.