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Seasonal Falls – Reach for Nearby
'Reach for Nearby' is the debut single of the Swiss indie act Seasonal Falls. The track was released on November 17 and introduces us to an interesting and extraordinary band.

The song 'Reach for Nearby' has a smooth, almost airy sound, which is accompanied by a warm vocal melody that is memorable. Sweet guitar arpeggios are gentle and graceful, they fill the entire musical composition with a light and fantastic aura. The indie folk sound of the song relaxes and allows us to completely surrender to the lyrics.

The song inspires to stop and think about the transience of life and realize everything that passes by us. It is so good and easy sometimes to stop and feel the power of attraction of our land, nature and human warmth, so incredibly calm the soul becomes when the mind and body rest. The beautiful and fragile ballad 'Reach for Nearby' speaks to the potential of Seasonal Falls and for good reason, as the guys prepare to release their debut album in 2024.

Listen to the single 'Reach for Nearby' below on Spotify and break away from routine and problems with this soulful song from Seasonal Falls.