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Alex Wellkers – Fly Away
Swiss artist Alex Wellkers has been releasing his own music since 2014. His music catalog is rich in rock and pop songs created with love for people. On April 6, Alex Wellkers released a new album 'Fly Away', which became a new milestone in the creative path of this charismatic artist.

The record contains 11 original tracks in English, French and German. Musically, the presented songs have a rich emotional sound in rock style. Additional classical instruments such as violins and violas complement the wide palette of sound of this release.

Alex Wellkers perfectly combines his own knowledge in various stylistic directions, combining grunge and ballad, folk pop and hard rock. 'Fly Away' is a fresh and inspiring record that attracts the attention of fans of rock music.  

Listen to the album 'Fly Away' below on Spotify and discover the work of the talented Alex Wellkers.