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SARIKA - Nightrunner (single)              Giant Killers - Songs For The Small Places (album)              ETAN - Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers) (album)              John Hynes - A Man In Love (album)              Code Seventy Three - Live Once (single)              Broke Even - Turn The Volume Down (single)                         
ETAN – Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)
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London-based artist and producer ETAN recently shared her debut EP 'Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)'. ETAN started recording this mini-album even before the pandemic and released individual singles that earned praise from music critics and love from listeners.
Giant Killers – Songs For The Small Places
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On January 26, the album 'Songs For The Small Places' by the British band Giant Killers was released. The history of this record goes back decades and takes us back to the 90s when this album was recorded.
SARIKA – Nightrunner
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'Nightrunner' is the name of the new single from Boston singer-songwriter SARIKA. The song tells about the urge to glue incompatible things together over and over again, like a relationship that has no prospects, but without which it is impossible to live.
Dame Zina – Eau
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The French musical duo Dame Zina is formed by a daughter and a father, who in tandem create original music that carries important messages about feminism, human freedom and the desire to simply be yourself.
Broke Even – Turn The Volume Down
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On February 15, the American artist Broke Even released a new single 'Turn The Volume Down'. Broke Even independently produces his creative content, investing in it everything he would like to see in the final result.
John Hynes – A Man In Love
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Irish singer-songwriter John Hynes presented his debut album 'A Man In Love' on February 19. His previous singles established him as a talented artist, a writer of sincere and timeless songs.
Code Seventy Three – Live Once
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On February 9, Canadian rock band Code Seventy Three released a new single 'Live Once'. This is one of their new 5 songs which are planned to be released early this year. Their debut mini-album 'Stained Man' already announced Code Seventy Three as an interesting and extraordinary rock band.
Astralix – Velocity
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'Velocity' is a new single from Astralix, a music project managed by Gary Dranow. The release of this song enriched his colorful music catalog with a truly bright musical composition.
Love Ghost – Luna Azul
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Los Angeles band Love Ghost, on the eve of the release of their new EP 'The Speed of Dreaming', shared the first single from the upcoming mini-album. The song is called 'Luna Azul' and it was created in collaboration with Mexican artists Helian and MONDE.
Coma Beach – Extreme Masochist
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On February 9, the German punk rock band Coma Beach presented their new single 'Extreme Masochist'. Actually, this release is a new treatment, a single version of the song we know, which was included in their album 'The Scapegoat's Agony'.
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