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Zarah Westhouse – Is this a crush?
The Swiss artist Zarah Westhouse releases beautiful songs created with a sense of love for everything that surrounds us. Her new single 'Is this a crush?' was released on August 4 and is an incredibly warm song that shines with summer light and blows with a refreshing breeze.

The dance motif of this track creates a pleasant impression of romantic lyrics. Gently fluttering vocal line captivates with its bright sensitivity. The mood and dynamics of the song are driven by a logical crescendo and vibrate into a memorable synth bridge.

In the music video 'Is this a crush?', a real film appears before us, telling the story of one fateful meeting. Young people for the first time in their lives experience strange feelings that touched their hearts. Walking through the colorful landscapes, they begin to understand what love is, and from this they are filled with an euphoria, pure and gentle as their thoughts.  

Watch the music video 'Is this a crush?' below on YouTube and enjoy the awesome new song from the incredible Zarah Westhouse.