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Goldschatz – Twin Flame
On September 15, the EP 'Twin Flame' by the Swiss folk-pop duo GOLDSCHATZ was released. The new work from the fantastic creative twins Rykka and Timothy Jaromir will delight everyone who loves the beauty of the human soul and the incredible nature that surrounds us on this planet.

The mini-album was recorded in Winterthur, Switzerland together with well-known producer Giuliano Sulzberger. 'Twin Flame' consists of 3 original songs and 2 covers that perfectly fit into the general aesthetics of the song.  

The sounds of country and Americana, folk and lyrical ballads fascinate and transport us somewhere where nature is pristine and where people live in harmony with the environment. Colorful vocal melodies fill this record with the soulful singing of two loving hearts. Their lyrics are honest and clean and the sounds of their guitars are bright and uncompromising.  

Listen to the EP 'Twin Flame' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of soulful quests along with a new record from the adorable GOLDSCHATZ.