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Captain B.Hindert – Pizza Funghi
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Captain B.Hindert's "Pizza Funghi" encapsulates their unique approach to music-making, where each whimsical note and playful lyric reflects their creative spirit and commitment to authenticity. In this track, the duo's DIY ethos shines brightly, as they navigate through a charmingly chaotic narrative with a sense of humor and flair. From the imaginative composition to the cleverly crafted lyrics, "Pizza Funghi" invites listeners into a world of whimsy and delight, where the unexpected becomes the norm, and every musical moment is a testament to the duo's boundless creativity.
Timothy Jaromir – Rebound
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The Swiss singer-songwriter Timothy Jaromir has presented his new single 'Rebound', which opens the curtain to his mini-album 'Man Atlas', which is scheduled to be released on September 6.
Alex Wellkers – Fly Away
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Swiss artist Alex Wellkers has been releasing his own music since 2014. His music catalog is rich in rock and pop songs created with love for people. On April 6, Alex Wellkers released a new album 'Fly Away', which became a new milestone in the creative path of this charismatic artist.
Shenanygans – Count on Me
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The band Shenanygans is waiting for their debut album 'On Monte Verita' which will be released in May this year and the single 'Count on Me' is the first swallow from their upcoming record. Shenanygans was founded in 2023 in Switzerland by four like-minded friends. The band is actually Irish-Swiss-Polish, and such a colorful composition makes the influences and aesthetics even more interesting.
Mad Nad Bo – Could I, Would I
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On March 15, Mad Nad Bo released a new single 'Could I, Would I'. This insightful song is full of life and love, it reflects the beginnings of a new relationship and the uncertainty of its first steps.
Adik Angel – Up So High
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Adik Angel is a talented musician and composer who shows the unearthly beauty of melodies and harmonic sophistication with her work. Her creative path is rich in interesting releases, musical education and many significant awards.
Seasonal Falls – Reach for Nearby
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'Reach for Nearby' is the debut single of the Swiss indie act Seasonal Falls. The track was released on November 17 and introduces us to an interesting and extraordinary band.
Claudia Balla – Winter Tale
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Swiss-based artist Claudia Balla presented her new full-length album 'Winter Tale' on October 13. This great conceptual work puts Claudia Balla in a row with the most interesting European artists and once again speaks of her talent.
Goldschatz РTwin Flame
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On September 15, the EP 'Twin Flame' by the Swiss folk-pop duo GOLDSCHATZ was released. The new work from the fantastic creative twins Rykka and Timothy Jaromir will delight everyone who loves the beauty of the human soul and the incredible nature that surrounds us on this planet.
Zarah Westhouse – Is this a crush?
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The Swiss artist Zarah Westhouse releases beautiful songs created with a sense of love for everything that surrounds us. Her new single 'Is this a crush?' was released on August 4 and is an incredibly warm song that shines with summer light and blows with a refreshing breeze.
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