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Mad Nad Bo – Could I, Would I
On March 15, Mad Nad Bo released a new single 'Could I, Would I'. This insightful song is full of life and love, it reflects the beginnings of a new relationship and the uncertainty of its first steps.

'Could I, Would I' is a beautiful soul ballad with elements of waltz and blues that once again reveals the talent of Mad Nad Bo. Her charming and sensual voice is accompanied by a live ensemble that elevates this song to a new level. 'Could I, Would I' has a memorable motif that once again reveals to us the theme of shyness, insecurity and the birth of new feelings.  

Mad Nad Bo is a unique artist who restores the organic musical palette of the past and conveys it to modern listeners. The song 'Could I, Would I' is a beautiful image of neo soul with its constant modernization of sound and disclosure of the peculiarities of modern life.  

Listen to the single 'Could I, Would I' below on Spotify and experience the aesthetic pleasure of a stunning new song from Mad Nad Bo.