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Luna Keller – Shadows On My Wall
Luna Keller recently shared her sixth single from her upcoming debut album. The young artist is based in Germany, where she is rapidly gaining momentum, primarily because of her sincere and frank lyrics and modest and graceful melodies.

The song is called 'Shadows On My Wall' and tells about the inner uncertainty that these or those social relations bring, and about the despair and fear that determine thoughts about the future in such a world. In addition, the song carries an encouraging message about the power that can be found and to overcome any difficulties.  

Luna Keller's vocals sound beautiful and grace. Notes of emotional anxiety are felt in her singing and this best conveys the meaning of her deep lyrics. The composition is based on the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. The sounds of atmospheric synthesizers and light percussion are intertwined in a slow whirl, and the dreamy indie guitar adds soulfulness and .  

Listen to the single 'Shadows On My Wall' by Luna Keller on Spotify below and feel all the experiences of the artist in the melodic oscillations of her voice and musical instruments.