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Swati Bhatt – Embrace
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'Embrace' is the first single from the upcoming EP of the Indian artist Swati Bhatt. This song is a real revelation because the singer opens her soul to those who listen to these charming lyrics.
Maddie Morris – Skin
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On February 23, the debut full-length album of the British singer-songwriter Maddie Morris was released. The record is called 'Skin' and consists of 10 songs original in content and unique in charm.
SARIKA – Nightrunner
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'Nightrunner' is the name of the new single from Boston singer-songwriter SARIKA. The song tells about the urge to glue incompatible things together over and over again, like a relationship that has no prospects, but without which it is impossible to live.
John Hynes – A Man In Love
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Irish singer-songwriter John Hynes presented his debut album 'A Man In Love' on February 19. His previous singles established him as a talented artist, a writer of sincere and timeless songs.
James Spencer – If
By indiedockmusicblog | |
British singer-songwriter James Spencer presented his new single 'If'. The song has a lyrical context and sounds somewhat softer than the usual repertoire of this talented artist.
Gunslingers – Shadows
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Gunslingers presented their new single 'Shadows' on January 19. The song has an original musical color with country and folk vibes that we want to listen to and delve into thoughts about life and death, love and experiences.
Madelyn – Nowhere Quite Like Home
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The British singer-songwriter Madelyn is preparing to release her debut EP in 2024 and the single 'Nowhere Quite Like Home', released on December 15, is the first swallow from her upcoming mini-album. Madelyn began her creative career in 2017 when she was studying music at Bristol University. Performing all over the city, she also made a splash in Birmingham and moved to London where she is now based.
mia van de loo – open book
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On December 8, American singer-songwriter mia van de loo released her debut mini-album 'open book'. The 5-track EP reveals the incredible talent and charisma of this sensual artist. The producer Laiko (Medium Build, Sydney Rose, Cece Coakley, Suzuki Saint, Laura Elliott) and mastering engineer Eric Lagg (Ella Jane, aldn, Erin Kinsey) worked on the record.
Marsh Family – If That Day Comes Round
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Marsh Family is a musical family group from Kent, UK who have been singing and playing great songs. Marsh Family very productive creative team that writes and records both their own music and interesting parodies.
Aldís Fjóla – Quiet the Storm
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Icelandic artist Aldís Fjóla presented her new single on November 22. The song is called 'Quiet the Storm' and now it shines like an original diamond in her colorful music catalog.
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