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Stefan Dando – Hit The Road Again
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Stefan Dando's latest single, "Hit The Road Again," released on April 12, 2024, is a poignant folk-pop track that delves into the complexities of unreciprocated love. The song has quickly gained attention for its heartfelt lyrics and relatable theme, drawing listeners into Dando's deeply personal narrative. Notably, Dando participated in Hot Vox's RISING series to raise money for War Child UK, highlighting his commitment to meaningful causes alongside his musical endeavors.
Evelí Ray – Ocean of You
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The song 'Ocean of You' was inspired by the quote of Sufi poet, Rumi - 'You're not a drop in the ocean. You're the entire ocean in a drop'. The release of the single 'Ocean of You' by the Spanish musician and songwriter Evelí Ray took place on May 11.
Elizabeth & Jameson – The Old Town EP
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British folk pop duo Elizabeth & Jameson presented their new release 'The Old Town EP'. The presented songs captivate from the first notes of the acoustic guitar and violin and open before us with a charming tandem of vocal lines.
Melina Hazewood – Memories are now Ghosts
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'Memories are now Ghosts' is the new single by the Englush - French singer-songwriter Melina Hazewood. At the age of 16, she has already managed to write more than 70 songs and continues to do so.
Timothy Jaromir – Rebound
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The Swiss singer-songwriter Timothy Jaromir has presented his new single 'Rebound', which opens the curtain to his mini-album 'Man Atlas', which is scheduled to be released on September 6.
Dotts O’Connor – Brushing off the Rust
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'Brushing off the Rust', that's the name of the new single of the Irish singer-songwriter Dotts O’Connor, which was released on April 11.The song was recorded live in the studio with great musicians who each brought some of their own warmth to this inspiring folk pop song.
Ed Geater – Love Forever Good
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Ed Geater returns with a charming new folk pop ballad 'Love Forever Good'. The song was recorded as a soundtrack to his romantic story that turned into true love.
Eleri Ward – Moss
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Eleri Ward is a New York-based artist who fascinates with her singing and leaves no one indifferent. Her new single is called 'Moss' and it continues the new beginnings of this artist as a singer-songwriter of original songs.
23 Fields – To Follow This Years Fashion
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'To Follow This Years Fashion' is the second album of the British folk pop group 23 Fields, which was released on March 1. 23 Fields was formed by accidentally meeting musicians who decided to create their own authentic song art. Given their music catalog, they succeeded.
Gf Morgan – Magenta
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American musician and researcher of Celtic music Gf Morgan released his new album 'Magenta' on March 17. The record contains 11 musical compositions created with love for the musical historical heritage of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
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