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Coma Beach – Extreme Masochist
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On February 9, the German punk rock band Coma Beach presented their new single 'Extreme Masochist'. Actually, this release is a new treatment, a single version of the song we know, which was included in their album 'The Scapegoat's Agony'.
The Sweet Darkness – She Says
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On February 15, the German artist The Sweet Darkness released a new single 'She Says'. The song tells a story familiar to all of us, when at one point we are offered to remain friends.
Lotte BMFee – Remember (Boom Boom Boom)
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German artist Lotte BMFee presented her new single 'Remember (Boom Boom Boom)' on January 28. This is her second collaboration with DJ Herr Wolf and as a result we have a really exciting electronic music composition.
Pleaning – supersolo
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Pleaning is an electronic musician and producer who writes and records his own music independently. Pleaning is based in Munich, Germany where the magic of creativity happens in his home studio.
A Certain Someone – Suburbian
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'Suburbian' is the title of the new single by the artist A Certain Someone, released on January 12. A Certain Someone this is the solo project of René Arbeithuber, a musician well-known in the German indie scene, who decided to present his new mysterious and dreamy music to the world.
Bromsen – Someone
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'Someone' is the fifth single from the Berlin indie duo Bromsen, which was released on January 12. Bromsen is the brainchild of two wonderful musicians Richard and Karlo Bromsen who are known for their work in the band The Pampelmuse in the early 00s.
XPQ-21 – Where Minds Collide
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XPQ-21 is a Berlin-based music project led by Jeyênne, a pioneer of the rave scene and a singer and producer. On January 11, a new single from XPQ-21 was released, which captivates from the first atmospheric bars. The song is called 'Where Minds Collide' and it talks about the expansion of artificial intelligence and the indefinite future of all humanity in this connection.
Fake Plastic – Black Eyed Girl
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Hamburg-based band Fake Plastic released their debut album last fall and immediately attracted the attention of fans of a rough and sincere sound with a rebellious and rock n roll spirit. The guys charge the audience with their live concerts, giving cool and original indie rock.
DJ Thommek – Dancing with Tuareg
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DJ Thommek writes and records his EDM tracks using the program Ableton. His first musical activity was in his youth, when he played guitar and double bass in several bands. Since then, music has always been in his heart and he has always been drawn to creativity.
A Certain Someone – Pathetic Fallacy
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A Certain Someone is a project of the German-based musician and singer-songwriter René Arbeithuber, who is also known as a member of the bands Slut and Pelzig. Behind him are a dozen excellent records of joint creativity and now he has embarked on a new path of solo art.
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