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October 26, 2021
Mark Sutton – Velvetine
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Mark Sutton creates wonderful music that calms, confuses and renews human souls. The aura of his music is deep and stable, wide and flexible. The composer is based in Dorset, UK where he completely indulges in creativity and inspiration.
Vix 20 – Orla the Octopus
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The British band Vix 20 based in Norfolk has delighted their fans with a new single 'Orla the Octopus'. This song sounds amazingly lively and organic. The live ensemble creates beautiful and melodic pop rock.
Lowly Light – Candy Lied
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The New York project Lowly Light is a musical creation of Matt Gorny. On October 7, Lowly Light released a new single called 'Candy Lied'.
Movment – Propaganda
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Alternative rock band Movment recently released their new single 'Propaganda'. The song will be part of the band's upcoming album. Movment is based in Ireland where they are experimenting with a combination of live instruments and electronics in their work.
Olivia Rubini – Be Well (B Side)
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American singer-songwriter Olivia Rubini released a new single 'Be Well (B Side)' on October 8. In fact, it is a remake of the song of the same name that was released in the artist's debut album in 2019.
Luna Keller – Shadows On My Wall
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Luna Keller recently shared her sixth single from her upcoming debut album. The young artist is based in Germany, where she is rapidly gaining momentum, primarily because of her sincere and frank lyrics and modest and graceful melodies.