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Fleeting Persuasion – Eternal
Fleeting Persuasion is an Australian music project that features music of James Spencer Harrison. The author has been known by participation in other indie projects and now it's the turn of his solo creation. A new single by the artist called 'Eternal' was recently released.

The song sounds at a medium tempo, stringing cold guitar arpeggios and a hazy synthesizer background. The vocals is gently and restrainedly and it giving the song a dark shade. Choruses add expression and flow into the hearts with a smooth melody. The minimalist composition is simply and elegantly.   

The aesthetics of the 80s are present in the beats of the rhythm machine and the acoustic guitar parts. Female backing vocals adds the warm and beauty to the song. A simple and beautiful melody whirls while listening to this track, and the indie atmosphere fills the whole composition with freshness and grace.  

Listen to the single 'Eternal' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the dark pop from Fleeting Persuasion.