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Olivia Rubini – Be Well (B Side)
American singer-songwriter Olivia Rubini released a new single 'Be Well (B Side)' on October 8. In fact, it is a remake of the song of the same name that was released in the artist's debut album in 2019.

The new fresh finish got a new composition that slowed down and added more groove. Indeed, the song 'Be Well (B Side)' sounds swinging and soft. The vocals sound powerful and sensitive, it has a silky timbre and charming melodic turns that gracefully converge with the musical accompaniment.  

The track received music arrangement  in indie pop and disco styles. The guitars are melodic, and the rhythm section is complemented by loose percussion and atmospheric synthesizers. Back vocal parts glide along the plane of the composition supporting the main vocals. The guitar solo sounds great creating a gap to activate the senses and move to the final refrains.  

Listen to the single 'Be Well (B Side)' on Spotify below and get good music with stylish vocals from Olivia Rubini.