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Aura Davis – Unbroken
Swiss artist Aura Davis has the appeal of her singing art that fascinates and makes us follow her work. She recently released her new single 'Unbroken' in which she once again showed the depth of her talent and inner world.

The concentration of fresh sound and melodic content create in this composition a feeling of something real and frank. The song 'Unbroken' has a guitar pop sound of the 90s that is full of emotional melisms and arpeggios. Cold guitars create an atmosphere of melodic rock movement. 

The song is remembered for its vocal lines that sound sincere and inspiring. Her timbre has a strong character and a desperate mood. The singer's pure heart gives us a piece of herself so that we can listen and come to understand the song on an appropriate emotional level.

Indeed, the song 'Unbroken' is a beautiful emotional song that pours a pure stream of bright thoughts into a graceful pop rock track. Listen to the single 'Unbroken' on Spotify below and appreciate the sensual and insightful song art from Aura Davis.