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Breakfast for Dinner – Say
The song 'Say' is the new release of New York indie pop group Breakfast for Dinner. The single sounds interesting and original with elements of indie and dream pop.

The band's music absorbs the aesthetics of the 80s with its synthesizers and candid phrases and rhythm of vocal lines. The music of this track has an interesting sound in which retro and new sounds combined. Breackfast for Dinner knows how to capture the original sound in their works. 

The song 'Say' is about a relationship that comes to a standstill where the only right decision is to let go of our partner and let them grow further as a souls and as free persons. In turn, the one who releases receives own bonuses also in the form of a mysterious unknown future that hides new passions and new romantic adventures.  

The song 'Say' is a real pearl of real indie music and we are infinitely glad that such bands continue to appear and give us their work. Listen to the single 'Say' from Breackfast for Dinner on Spotify below and catch that emotional component in their enchanting song.