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Simon Andersson – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution
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Simon Andersson is a talented artist from Malmö, Sweden whose music brings joy, love and hope to people. His creative path began in early childhood and his first serious award was not long in coming.
Satellite Train – Wings
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On February 16th, Australian band Satellite Train released their debut album 'The Melbourne Sessions' and 'Wings' is the premiere single from this stunning record.
The Pulltops – Here We Are
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'Here We Are' is the new single from American music duo The Pulltops. The song reminds us that what kills us makes us stronger and at the same time takes away an important part of our lives.
John Conlin – Love Me Just a Little
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'Love Me Just a Little' is the title of the new single of the amazing artist John Conlin. This song has a burning motive that transports us to the world of passionate nights and longing for love.
Madam Who? – Peter Meter
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Madam Who? is a charismatic and interesting artist who heals mental traumas with her creativity and gives practical life advice. Her new single 'Peter Meter', the very song that with its burning motive releases doubts and shows life from a wonderful side.
Birch! – Drama Queen
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On January 12, the debut single of the artist Birch! was released. The song is called 'Drama Queen' and it tells about the dramatic breakup of a love relationship.
Chase the River – Ghost
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Stuart Lunn and his musical project Chase the River returns with a new single 'Ghost', which was released on January 12th. After the last releases of original music, Stuart Lunn took a forced break in his music career due to the birth of his son and the start of quarantine. But this did not stop the real artist, in whose heart wonderful songs continued to be born.
Massimo De Simone – La canzone dei pianeti
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On December 28, the Italian artist Massimo De Simone released a new single 'La canzone dei pianeti', which is translated from Italian as 'The song of the planets'. This extremely sweet and romantic ballad is an exquisite piece of music that has it all, sweet melody, broad harmony and dreamy content.
SANTA CLAWS – She turns
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The French band SANTA CLAWS is preparing to release their second album '...So live and let lie' in 2024 and the single 'She turns' is the first swallow from this promising record. Next year, SANTA CLAWS will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their creative activity, and the new record will best characterize their new milestone in musical history.
The Pulltops – Make Me Smile
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American duo The Pulltops shared a new single 'Make Me Smile' on November 11. This is already the seventh single of this year and the guys plan to continue to replenish their music catalog with new releases in the near future.
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