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miss anita – Oh
miss anita is a music project of two brothers William and Andrew Phillips based in America. They started making music in high school and now they are presenting their first release called 'oh'.

The single was released on August 27 and began to gain popularity on streaming platforms. The song 'oh' has a special sound full of upbeats and synths. We like the memorable motif for its simplicity and lightness. The predictable arrangement prepares us for a dance jump into the chorus and keeps us there until the end of the composition.  

The arrangement of synthesizers sounds is very harmonious and organic, which supports melodic singing and charges with its energy. In this lyrics, the singer talks about awkward relationships and how you always have to please someone who does not appreciate your attention. 

The song 'oh' from the duo miss anita is a great example of synth pop aesthetics and is a good gift for all fans of this style. Listen to the single 'oh' on Spotify below and appreciate the talented debut of the two brothers from miss anita.