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September 7, 2021
miss anita – Oh
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miss anita is a music project of two brothers William and Andrew Phillips based in America. They started making music in high school and now they are presenting their first release called 'oh'.
Aura Davis – Unbroken
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Swiss artist Aura Davis has the appeal of her singing art that fascinates and makes us follow her work. She recently released her new single 'Unbroken' in which she once again showed the depth of her talent and inner world.
Breakfast for Dinner – Say
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The song 'Say' is the new release of New York indie pop group Breakfast for Dinner. The single sounds interesting and original with elements of indie and dream pop.
Kare Laï – 7th Day
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The music duo Kare Laï is based in Paris, France where their charming debut took place and led them to the next single '7th Day' which was released on September 3rd. Their work is based on a mixture of indie and electronic pop that sounds beautiful and easy.
Curtis Culley – Strip It Back
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The third single from singer-songwriter Curtis Culley is called 'Strip It Back' and it was released on September 7th. Curtis Culley is based in Felixstowe, UK where he is inspired by beautiful seascapes and creates his own organic and understandable songs.
Love, Lies and Fiction – Dream Away The Lonely (Acoustic)
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American music project Love, Lies and Fiction continue to delight their fans with awesome songs. One such track was the recently released single 'Dream Away The Lonely (Acoustic)'.
John Daniel – Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig
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The artist John Daniel pleased with a real classic Swedish pop single. The singer is based in Norrköping, Sweden where he create his own wonderful music.
Koalra – Sight Unseen
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American band Koalra has released a new single 'Sight Unseen' on the eve of a new album release. This track is a good continuation of the post-punk tradition of the 80s and the entrance to romantic shoegaze sounds.