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Pat Piperni – Senza Te
'Senza Te' is an incredible song in the best operatic tradition released earlier this year. Composer and producer Pat Piperni and lyricist Ezio Radeschi worked on the track.

They involved orchestral arrangements by Jack Walker and the vocal talent of Vincent Ricciardi. This amazing tandem of creative people filled this soulful song with its special charm. 'Senza Te' tells about the great love that warmed the heart of the main character. The beautiful velvet singing perfectly conveys the aesthetics of this song.  

A professional arrangement fills this track with strong emotional touches. Wonderful lyrics are filled with feelings that are strong and sincere. The song 'Senza Te' is a real gift to all connoisseurs of Italian opera singing and classical heritage.  

Listen to the single 'Senza Te' below on Spotify and enjoy a great song from Pat Piperni and his top notch crew.