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VISSIA – Live, With Pleasure
'Live, With Pleasure' is the new release from Canadian band VISSIA, offering an introspective look at the band's touring life. 'Live, With Pleasure' is, first of all, a live album from an excellent band that is fueled by creativity and confidently moving towards the musical Olympus.

The album was recorded in 2021 during VISSIA's joint tour with Canadian alternative band USS. It was a stressful time that required a lot of effort from all the artists and they passed this way with dignity. 'Live, With Pleasure' reflects the live sound of VISSIA's familiar songs in its concert aesthetics. Pop rock and soul, indie and alternative are perfectly represented in this amazing selection. 

Powerful and soulful vocals, at the same time with the great sound of the band, inspire and immerse us in the aura of wonderful song art. The songs are organically filled with all kinds of interviews and inserts that convey the incredible atmosphere of that fantastic time spent in the company of talented musicians and just good people.  

Listen to the album 'Live, With Pleasure' from VISSIA on Spotify below and appreciate the charismatic and inspiring essence of this unique record.