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Pat Piperni – Senza Te
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'Senza Te' is an incredible song in the best operatic tradition released earlier this year. Composer and producer Pat Piperni and lyricist Ezio Radeschi worked on the track.
Karen Salicath Jamali – Angel Hanael´s Song
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Karen Salicath Jamali is a well-known pianist, composer and artist who heals souls with her creativity and charges the perception of light energy. Born in Denmark, Karen Salicath Jamali lived in Florida and New York, and her musical achievements have always graced her creative path.
Maria Kotrotsou – Kafka’s Dream
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Paris-based artist Maria Kotrotsou writes mesmerizing music that can penetrate directly into the heart. In her work, elements of neoclassicism intersect with cinematic vibes and avant-garde experimentalism.
Oxiroma – Ascetic Dream
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Oxiroma is a Cyprus-based musician and composer who fills, inspires and mesmerizes with his music. His releases can be described as neo-classical or meditation music, but the unconditional component is its cinematic potential.
Marc Béziat – The Star of Peace
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Composer Marc Béziat recently shared his new creation, the mini-album 'Prague 2024 Session'. The album consists of 6 musical compositions and 'The Star of Peace' is the main one.
SAMBOX & Anita Barbereau – Cocooning
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'Cocooning' is a new single from the French musician and producer SAMBOX. The track was recorded in collaboration with the cellist and composer Anita Barbereau, which gave this musical composition an unprecedented charm.
Jonathan Grow – 3
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Jonathan Grow is a well-known contemporary composer and pianist who gives us his special music with neoclassical vibes and cinematic sensibility. Jonathan Grow began his acquaintance with music at the age of 3 and since then independently gravitated to learning to play the piano and understanding the composition of musical canvases.
Raynald Grenier – Sonatina in C sharp
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Raynald Grenier is a wonderful musician and composer who creates amazing compositions for the piano, as well as music for ballet, musicals, operas and symphonies. His many years of stage experience gave him an understanding of the audience's feelings and the fluttering of their hearts, and he took this experience into his arms when he began writing his own music.
Dave Mohan – Somewhere Beyond the Blue
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Dave Mohan is a British songwriter and composer known for his collaborations with a number of top-notch singers, musicians and producers. But most importantly, this is the music that he leaves as his legacy. His music is multifaceted and inspiring, he always tries to decorate our lives with it and open the most secret corners of our souls to us.
Joris Bon – Realist
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French pianist and composer Joris Bon released a new single 'Realist' on October 13. This song without words tells the story of a couple in love who travel in search of incredible sensations. Their spirit was captured by vivid emotions when they climbed the mountains and looked around.
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