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The Infinity Process – Glitches
On May 10, a new single by the American rock band The Infinity Process was released. The song is called 'Glitches' and tells about the modern world and its false essence.

Nowadays, when artificial intelligence actually controls the main processes, we are constantly under surveillance and analysis. Such madness can really cause glitches that cause fear and misunderstanding.  

The song 'Glitches' is an emotional hard rock track that fills everything around with its drive and charisma. The musical composition develops dynamically, incorporating atmospheric parts into the aesthetics of heavy rock.  

In the music video 'Glitches' there are elements of science fiction with the refraction of the matrix and consciousness. Musicians play against the background of industrial mise-en-scène, reproducing the energy and power of their music.  

Watch the music video 'Glitches' below on YouTube and appreciate the awesome new track from The Infinity Process.