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Tara Van – Sunshine’s Callin’
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Toronto-based singer-songwriter Tara Van released her latest single, "Sunshine's Callin'," on May 24, 2024. This folk-pop gem encourages listeners to embrace the outdoors and soak up the sunshine, delivering a message of optimism and renewal. Known for her genre-blending sound that draws from soul, folk, pop, and jazz, Tara Van continues to captivate with her heartfelt lyrics and soulful voice.
fxrrvst – Lavender
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'Lavender' is a new song from Toronto based queer indie duo fxrrvst, released recently. Their last release was in 2021 and now fxrrvst is at it again with their cool single.
Pat Piperni – Senza Te
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'Senza Te' is an incredible song in the best operatic tradition released earlier this year. Composer and producer Pat Piperni and lyricist Ezio Radeschi worked on the track.
VISSIA – Live, With Pleasure
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'Live, With Pleasure' is the new release from Canadian band VISSIA, offering an introspective look at the band's touring life. 'Live, With Pleasure' is, first of all, a live album from an excellent band that is fueled by creativity and confidently moving towards the musical Olympus.
Alessia De Gasperis – Evil Eye
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'Evil Eye' is a new single from the Canadian artist Alessia De Gasperis. The release of her new song took place on May 10, brightening her ever-growing music catalog. The song 'Evil Eye' is very special and enticing.
Ghost Cartridge – Ghost Cartridge
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Ghost Cartridge presented their new self-titled album 'Ghost Cartridge'. The record contains 20 original tracks and 16 bonus instrumental compositions.
C. Samms – Bouquet
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'Bouquet' is the title of the second full-length album of the Canadian musician and producer C. Samms. During a 5-year hiatus in releases, C. Samms improved its sound and searched for new forms of self-expression of his music.
B.D. Gottfried – Ghosts & Girls
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B.D. Gottfried writes and records music that is a worthy continuation of the traditions of classic and soft rock. His lyrics are always full of meaning and messages to humanity.
Monique Angele – Dreaming
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Monique Angele creates amazing music filled with knowledge of classical art and inspired by world pop masterpieces. Her voice is a special musical instrument, which she masters perfectly.
The Kyle Jordan Project – Loved By You
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The Kyle Jordan Project this is a musical group formed by a talented multi-instrumentalist Kyle Jordan. With the participation of vocalists Greg Van Kerkhof and Katie Burke, this collective acquires an original musical thinking that presents a mixture of such styles as country, blues and folk.
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