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Code Seventy Three – Live Once
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On February 9, Canadian rock band Code Seventy Three released a new single 'Live Once'. This is one of their new 5 songs which are planned to be released early this year. Their debut mini-album 'Stained Man' already announced Code Seventy Three as an interesting and extraordinary rock band.
Shaela Miller – Mourning Tonight
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'Mourning Tonight' is a new single by Canadian singer-songwriter Shaela Miller. The song was created as a reaction to the loss of a friend by the artist and her feelings about it.
The Listros – Hands Against The Wall
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'Hands Against The Wall' is the second single of the Canadian rock band The Listros, which was released on February 9. After the international success of their debut single 'Into The Otherside', the guys move on with the same crazy energy and stage charisma.
Madame Psychosis – Hopeless
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Madame Psychosis is an indie rock band from Toronto, Canada that successfully combines modern influences with classic rock vibes in their music. After a successful debut album in 2017, the band continued their creative journey by adding amazing songs to their colorful music catalog.
MoonBell РAre All Jazz Players Idealistic Nihilists?
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On January 25, the new single of the Canadian music project MoonBell, which is behind the musician and producer Josh Richert, was released. In his home studio in Winnipeg, he creates amazing music filled with special philosophical content and experimental manifestations.
SWiiMS – Fade Days
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On December 18, Canadian indie band SWiiMS released a new music video for their song 'Fade Days', and its hypnotic magic is captivating and thought-provoking.
Raynald Grenier – Sonatina in C sharp
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Raynald Grenier is a wonderful musician and composer who creates amazing compositions for the piano, as well as music for ballet, musicals, operas and symphonies. His many years of stage experience gave him an understanding of the audience's feelings and the fluttering of their hearts, and he took this experience into his arms when he began writing his own music.
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POINT3NINE is a music project created by one person in Toronto, Canada. His records are primarily a love for experiments and refined taste. On November 30, a new album by POINT3NINE was released, which was named 'The iLLEST'.
Adrian Sutherland – Precious
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Adrian Sutherland is a Canadian singer-songwriter who, in addition to his musical activities, conducts his cultural mission to revive and preserve the traditions of the peoples of northern Canada, such as Cree.
SWIIMS – All I Die For
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Canadian band SWiiMS have unveiled the first single from their upcoming album 'Into The Blue Night'. The song is called 'All I Die For' and it tells about the beginnings of budding love and caution in new relationships.
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