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The Mess:Age – MR W.H.O
The Mess:Age is the brainchild of a well-known British musician and producer Ziggy "Glen Brandon". His creative path amazes with its breadth of interesting and unique projects where this outstanding musician left his mark in one way or another.

'MR W.H.O' by The Mess:Age is a new single created with love and knowledge. Before us is a really worthy track that inspires and forces us to become better. A strong melody and powerful emotional vocals captivate from the first bars of the song. A wonderful musical arrangement has a lively and bright sound.

The song 'MR W.H.O' is a true pop style hit, and its energetic and driving motif perfectly reflects the talent of the author and performer. The track 'MR W.H.O' is taken from the upcoming album 'AGE OF MESS' and we strongly recommend following the PPM's website to be the first to know about his new releases.  

Listen to the single 'MR W.H.O' below on Spotify and enjoy an awesome new song from the incredible The Mess:Age.