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Brad Pittance and the Pirates – One Night Stand
The British band Brad Pittance and the Pirates is based in Margate, where they continued the glorious line of ska music. After appearing on the screens of the series This Town, this musical style received a new lease of life and, accordingly, the appearance of bright new songs.

'One Night Stand' is one of these songs, taken from the new EP of the band Brad Pittance and the Pirates. The song tells an interesting story where the main character goes to the concert of the ska band to find a girlfriend, but actually finds a new love for the music of the band he saw.  

Yes, ska works wonders and listening to lively and sunny 'One Night Stand' we are saturated with this fantastic aura. Energy and enthusiasm, simple melodies and beautiful vocal parts remain with us for a long time. 

We are very grateful to Obsidian PR & Media for the information about Brad Pittance and the Pirates' single 'One Night Stand' and highly recommend listening to the song right now on Spotify below.