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Pangaea – Late Winter
Pangaea is a group of great musicians who came together to create their own version of Latin music. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Pangaea write and perform their songs filled with elements of rock, pop, jazz and country.

We especially liked their single 'Late Winter', taken from the album of the same name. This song is a real miracle that fills the entire space with freshness and some unimaginable romance. The easy motive of the song 'Late Winter' in combination with Latin rhythms gives freedom to feelings.  

The ensemble Pangaea perfectly composes various musical instruments in their music. The guitar starts the musical composition and a moving rhythm section is added to it. Flutes and vocal lines alternate in a harmonious dance. The track develops, acquiring a denser sound without losing the charming groove.  

Listen to the single 'Late Winter' below on Spotify and enjoy fantastic music from Pangaea.