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Matt Saxton – Take It or Leave It
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On May 17, British singer-songwriter Matt Saxton released a new single 'Take It or Leave It'. The track will be part of his new planned album. 'Take It or Leave It' is a song about the experience of a long relationship and how hard it is to carry this relationship through the years.
Dirty Mitts – Electric Kid
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'Electric Kid' is the title of the new single of the British band Dirty Mitts. The track was ordered from the band by the fashion designer Mounir Ghazi and his lyrics are present in the song.
The Mess:Age – MR W.H.O
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The Mess:Age is the brainchild of a well-known British musician and producer Ziggy "Glen Brandon". His creative path amazes with its breadth of interesting and unique projects where this outstanding musician left his mark in one way or another.
Brad Pittance and the Pirates – One Night Stand
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The British band Brad Pittance and the Pirates is based in Margate, where they continued the glorious line of ska music. After appearing on the screens of the series This Town, this musical style received a new lease of life and, accordingly, the appearance of bright new songs.
Bank Street Martyrs – Dormitory Town
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The album 'Dormitory Town' from the Scottish group Bank Street Martyrs is what we have been looking for lately in order to answer a simple question, yes, there are other bands who write and record thoughtful songs, combining them into conceptual albums.
Safari Youth – Everybody Else Knows
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London producer duo Safari Youth presented their debut album 'Everybody Else Knows'. After 12 years of fruitful cooperation, this creative duo reached an incredible level.
MothBreath – mothbreath
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The British music project MothBreath is based in Frome, where they have been creating and searching for their own sound since 2019. Their debut single 'Drift Away' was released in 2021 and showed just how original and amazing MothBreath’s music could be.
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London band EnnieLoud create their own unique layer of music based on soul and rnb, trip-hop and alternative pop. Based in Wood Green, North London, EnnieLoud live up to their experimentalism and charisma every time.
Shoun Shoun – We Woke The Monster
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'We Woke The Monster' is the new single from Bristol band Shoun Shoun. Four charismatic musicians create truly original music that fascinates with its inventiveness and expediency. This is primarily alternative rock with its more experimental, dark essence that takes us to the roots of noise rock and even further to post-punk traditions.
Neil C Young – ReWorks Vol.2
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The British jazz guitarist Neil C Young presented a new EP 'ReWorks Vol.2'. The 4-track album was recorded together with his brother drummer and other guest musicians. The instrumental tracks presented on the EP are cool jazz music saturated with grunge expression and emotional alt rock.
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