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The Pulltops – Waiting Here
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In the heart of Milwaukee, the dynamic duo known as The Pulltops have emerged with their latest single, "Waiting Here." Released on June 7, 2024, this track showcases the band's eclectic blend of indie rock, power pop, and album rock. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, both avid record collectors with diverse musical tastes, combine their influences to create a nostalgic and modern sound.
James Haynes – Foundations
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"Foundations," the latest single by James Haynes, released on May 24, 2024, delves into the introspective journey of building a strong foundation in life, particularly through faith and personal growth. Haynes reflects on moments of distraction and weakness, acknowledging the need for spiritual grounding and surrender to a higher power.
The Mess:Age – MR W.H.O
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The Mess:Age is the brainchild of a well-known British musician and producer Ziggy "Glen Brandon". His creative path amazes with its breadth of interesting and unique projects where this outstanding musician left his mark in one way or another.
Bank Street Martyrs РDormitory Town
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The album 'Dormitory Town' from the Scottish group Bank Street Martyrs is what we have been looking for lately in order to answer a simple question, yes, there are other bands who write and record thoughtful songs, combining them into conceptual albums.
Gamina Chad – Make it Beautiful
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The French artist Gamina Chad is preparing for the release of his debut album, which will include songs written in the period 2020 - 23. The single 'Make it Beautiful', which was released recently, opens the curtain to the upcoming album, inviting us into the world of Gamina Chad's creativity.
B.D. Gottfried – Ghosts & Girls
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B.D. Gottfried writes and records music that is a worthy continuation of the traditions of classic and soft rock. His lyrics are always full of meaning and messages to humanity.
The Local 12 – Abandon
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The Local 12 was formed in 2018 by four musicians who gathered for a joint jam. They liked making music together so much that the result was creativity and the search for their own sound. 'Abandon' this is their debut album consisting of 10 original tracks.
Hallowed Keys – Don’t You Fall
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Hallowed Keys began as a solo music project based in Toronto, Canada. Hallowed Keys write and record songs and invite fellow musicians to support them at live performances. Their first release came out earlier this year and is the single 'Don't You Fall'.
Gary Dranow – The Heart of The Forest
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'The Heart of The Forest' this is a mesmerizing song by Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions. The song tells about the importance of living in harmony with nature and feeling its presence in everything.
Gary Dranow – When The World Is Too Much
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Gary Dranow continues to give us amazing rock ballads that can be listened to endlessly. 'When The World Is Too Much' is one of them and we are happy to join in the presentation of this new release.
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