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Bank Street Martyrs – Dormitory Town
The album 'Dormitory Town' from the Scottish group Bank Street Martyrs is what we have been looking for lately in order to answer a simple question, yes, there are other bands who write and record thoughtful songs, combining them into conceptual albums.

Obsidian PR & Media reminded us about this record and we are grateful to them for the recommendation. So, this is already the second album of this exciting band. Bank Street Martyrs are based in a beautiful place The Vale surrounded by inspiring nature with its incredible landscapes. The town itself lives its own quiet and peaceful life, but also has its problems and shortcomings.

The songs from the album 'Dormitory Town' remind us of the passage of time and subtly reveal themes related to life in a small town. Each of the presented musical compositions is a real work of song art. Elements of blues, soft rock and power pop adequately frame this music. The vocal lines are memorable and penetrate directly into the soul. The musical arrangements are highly professional and represent an exemplary combination of live music and song poetics.  

'Dormitory Town' by Bank Street Martyrs is a treasure of the modern indie scene that should be cherished and passed on to friends. Listen to the album 'Dormitory Town' below on Spotify and enjoy an amazing collection of new songs from Bank Street Martyrs.