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Album Reviews
TOUCAN – Don’t Understand Why
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TOUCAN is a well-known Irish artist. In his music, TOUCAN uses elements of pop, funk and soul music and in his performance it sounds magnificent. Lately, TOUCAN can often be seen at iconic venues across the UK and Ireland.
Danielle Whalebone – Whispers of Shadows
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'Whispers of Shadows' is the third full-length album of the Australian artist Danielle Whalebone. The album was recorded during quarantine, when improvisational guitar dubs were strangely reunited with spoken word. Such a synthesis of mysticism and reality was reflected in this incredible record.
Mighty Joshua – Dreaducation
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American artist Mighty Joshua presented his new full-length album 'Dreaducation'. The record contains 14 original songs that qualitatively reveal new trends in the development of modern reggae music.
Sharon Ruchman – Moonlit Alley
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'Moonlit Alley' is the sixth album of the pianist and composer Sharon Ruchman. She receive a Bachelor of Music from New England Conservatory of Music and a Master of Music from Yale School of Music.
Raising Ravens – Motives
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'Motives' is the new EP of the Australian band Raising Ravens. Founded in 2020 by singer-songwriter Jess Jean Ravens, the band made a leap to assert themselves on the new punk rock scene.
Kate Pending – Pigmented Reality
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Kate Pending is a promising artist and producer from Berlin who recently shared her debut album 'Pigmented Reality'. The record consists of 12 original tracks and 3 remixes.
VISSIA – Live, With Pleasure
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'Live, With Pleasure' is the new release from Canadian band VISSIA, offering an introspective look at the band's touring life. 'Live, With Pleasure' is, first of all, a live album from an excellent band that is fueled by creativity and confidently moving towards the musical Olympus.
Bank Street Martyrs – Dormitory Town
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The album 'Dormitory Town' from the Scottish group Bank Street Martyrs is what we have been looking for lately in order to answer a simple question, yes, there are other bands who write and record thoughtful songs, combining them into conceptual albums.
Safari Youth – Everybody Else Knows
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London producer duo Safari Youth presented their debut album 'Everybody Else Knows'. After 12 years of fruitful cooperation, this creative duo reached an incredible level.
MothBreath – mothbreath
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The British music project MothBreath is based in Frome, where they have been creating and searching for their own sound since 2019. Their debut single 'Drift Away' was released in 2021 and showed just how original and amazing MothBreath’s music could be.
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