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Album Reviews
The Western Civilization – Fractions of a Whole
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On February 16, the new full-length album of the Texas band The Western Civilization was released. The album is called 'Fractions of a Whole' and it consists of 10 original tracks that form one coherent concept of the modern approach to writing songs.
Jane N’ The Jungle – Life of the Party
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On February 23, the new EP of the Arizona band Jane N' The Jungle was released. The mini-album consists of 6 powerful tracks whose aesthetic is filled with themes of sadness, disappointment and inner strength.
Maddie Morris – Skin
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On February 23, the debut full-length album of the British singer-songwriter Maddie Morris was released. The record is called 'Skin' and consists of 10 songs original in content and unique in charm.
Paulcito – MVP
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American music project Paulcito presented its new album 'MVP'. Paulcito, it is, first of all, Paul who is the author and generator of ideas, as well as the producer and musician Carl Dennis who participate in the creation of this music.
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On February 23, the new EP of the American band Love Ghost was released. The mini-album is called 'THE SPEED OF DREAMING' and includes 4 original tracks.
Mystic Wolf РHealing is a Journey
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Mystic Wolf is an unusual artist and a true esthete and nature connoisseur, in combination with which his amazing music emerges. 'Healing is a Journey' is the title of his debut EP, which was released earlier this year.
ETAN – Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)
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London-based artist and producer ETAN recently shared her debut EP 'Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)'. ETAN started recording this mini-album even before the pandemic and released individual singles that earned praise from music critics and love from listeners.
Giant Killers – Songs For The Small Places
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On January 26, the album 'Songs For The Small Places' by the British band Giant Killers was released. The history of this record goes back decades and takes us back to the 90s when this album was recorded.
John Hynes – A Man In Love
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Irish singer-songwriter John Hynes presented his debut album 'A Man In Love' on February 19. His previous singles established him as a talented artist, a writer of sincere and timeless songs.
Sage Suede – Dirty Blonde
By indiedockmusicblog | |
SAGE SUEDE is a well-known artist, producer and art director from Austin, Texas. His music embodies a special aesthetic filled with fashionable and fresh trends on the modern music scene.
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