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LOLOCRASH is a French artist, musician and singer-songwriter who has been improving as a creative person all his life. The time has come and LOLOCRASH released his first mini-album 'lolocrash'.

The album fascinates with its spiritual simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Themes of love and friendship, self-discovery and inspiration fill the record with deep feelings. Musically, 'lolocrash' creates a really amazing sound palette in which French pop and post-punk, indie and classics are naturally intertwined.  

We were particularly interested in the song 'LOULOU' because a music video was created for it, which further reveals the romantic nature of the artist. The warm and silky vocals of LOLOCRASH together with the atmospheric accompaniment of broad synths and dreamy guitar make this track mesmerizing.  

In the music video 'LOULOU', the artist appears before us in various mise-en-scènes, thus recreating his state of mind. Poetic lyrics and beautiful landscapes together with a fantastic musical palette create an incredible synergy of the creative legacy of LOLOCRASH.  

Watch the music video 'LOULOU' below on YouTube and immerse yourself in the work of the original artist LOLOCRASH.