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Comett – The Dance
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Comett, the stage name of Alexandre Canale-Parola, continues mesmerizing the world with his latest music video, "The Dance," released on May 31, 2024. Despite an early setback in his musical journey—being asked to leave the school choir—Comett has garnered millions of streams and views, firmly establishing himself as a unique voice in the indie pop scene. His journey from a tambourine player to a celebrated artist underscores his resilience and talent.
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LOLOCRASH is a French artist, musician and singer-songwriter who has been improving as a creative person all his life. The time has come and LOLOCRASH released his first mini-album 'lolocrash'.
Gamina Chad – Make it Beautiful
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The French artist Gamina Chad is preparing for the release of his debut album, which will include songs written in the period 2020 - 23. The single 'Make it Beautiful', which was released recently, opens the curtain to the upcoming album, inviting us into the world of Gamina Chad's creativity.
Maria Kotrotsou – Kafka’s Dream
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Paris-based artist Maria Kotrotsou writes mesmerizing music that can penetrate directly into the heart. In her work, elements of neoclassicism intersect with cinematic vibes and avant-garde experimentalism.
Marc Béziat – The Star of Peace
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Composer Marc Béziat recently shared his new creation, the mini-album 'Prague 2024 Session'. The album consists of 6 musical compositions and 'The Star of Peace' is the main one.
Calamity Jay – Music Monster
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The musical duo Calamity Jay is formed by Rahel Rosenwald and JayC Be and they are based in Albi, France where they write and record their original music in their studio.
Francesco and The Black Swans – You Have to Hold On
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Francesco and The Black Swans are a quartet of like-minded musicians based in Paris who write and record music of a socio-psychological nature. Their musical style has elements of alternative rock and darkwave and is distinguished by progressive notes and experimental forms.
SAMBOX & Anita Barbereau – Cocooning
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'Cocooning' is a new single from the French musician and producer SAMBOX. The track was recorded in collaboration with the cellist and composer Anita Barbereau, which gave this musical composition an unprecedented charm.
Eric Ludinart – ÅmÔurs
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Eric Ludinart is a self-taught musician who, with his creativity, opens before us new unexplored pages of electronic music. His first full-length album 'ÅmÔurs' was released on March 10.
Krauw – Initiation
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Krauw debuted with the album 'Initiation' earlier this year. His love for rock and metal and experiments with digital instruments led him to a real revelation.
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