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May 12, 2024
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LOLOCRASH is a French artist, musician and singer-songwriter who has been improving as a creative person all his life. The time has come and LOLOCRASH released his first mini-album 'lolocrash'.
Gamina Chad – Make it Beautiful
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The French artist Gamina Chad is preparing for the release of his debut album, which will include songs written in the period 2020 - 23. The single 'Make it Beautiful', which was released recently, opens the curtain to the upcoming album, inviting us into the world of Gamina Chad's creativity.
Safari Youth – Everybody Else Knows
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London producer duo Safari Youth presented their debut album 'Everybody Else Knows'. After 12 years of fruitful cooperation, this creative duo reached an incredible level.
Bury The Pines – All Quiet (On the Midwestern Front)
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The band Bury The Pines is based in Cleveland, USA, where they first met to play together in 2023. The guys play progressive emo rock, where the influence of pop punk and post-hardcore is clearly visible.
Alessia De Gasperis – Evil Eye
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'Evil Eye' is a new single from the Canadian artist Alessia De Gasperis. The release of her new song took place on May 10, brightening her ever-growing music catalog. The song 'Evil Eye' is very special and enticing.
Kevin Whitaker – Love War
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The artist and producer Kevin Whitaker presented his new single 'Love War' on May 10. This song tells about the eternal battle of love for the sake of love and the sacrifices for which this feeling is ready.