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Debo Ray – Feelin’ Lucky
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'Feelin' Lucky' is the title of the new single from Boston based artist Debo Ray. This song is just explosive because it ignites hearts to take decisive action when it comes to failed relationships.
Duhaney – Everybody Wants You
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Greg Duhaney, born in Manchester, lived in Toronto before forming the band in Calgary with Rob Spencer and Bryan Craig.
Producing A Kind Generation – Eternal Sunshine
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Producing A Kind Generation is a unique band that combines elements of alternative rock and rap in its works. Currently, the group is preparing for the release of their new full-length album and the single 'Eternal Sunshine' is the first swallow from their upcoming record.
Music UnLtd. – It Crossed My Mind
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Music UnLtd. recently released their new single 'It Crossed My Mind'. The leader and songwriter of the band, Milin writes beautiful songs full of spiritual beauty and wide human experience. Music UnLtd. was formed in 2014 in India and since then a team of talented musicians has been working on creating insightful musical canvases.
Wagner the Band – Run Away with Me
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'Run Away with Me' is a new single from the Austrian band Wagner the Band, created in collaboration with the British singer Helena May. The song was released on June 21 and marked a new phase in the creativity of this talented group.
Monotronic – Sun Song
By indiedockmusicblog | |
New York band Monotronic presented a new single 'Sun Song', which will be part of the band's upcoming album 'Waiting For You'. The song 'Sun Song' was originally inspired by a riff from Nirvana's ‘All Apologies’, but later grew into an independent track that we have the opportunity to enjoy today.
Jane N’ The Jungle – GTFO
By indiedockmusicblog | |
Jane N’ The Jungle have released the first single from their upcoming record with producer Cameron Mizell (Avril Lavigne, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens). The song is called 'GTFO' and in tandem with the music video, it once again shows the inexhaustible talent and charisma of this great band.
Keith A. Getchell – Send Your River (Redux 2)
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'Send Your River' from Keith A. Getchell got a new version and today this song is an inspiring and insightful song that gives self-respect and understanding of one's identity.
Love Ghost x Monde – SCREAM
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"SCREAM" is the title track from Love Ghost's new 5-song EP, released on June 6. Produced by Mexican Hard Rock artist Monde, this collaboration project features a total of 6 Mexican artists, each contributing to different tracks on the EP. "SCREAM" sets the tone for the EP, characterized by its harsh and aggressive sound, blending elements of emo rap, screaming vocals, and pounding instrumentation.
Magua – Silence Sirens Storm
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Released on April 24, 2024, "Silence Sirens Storm" is the latest single from Magua, a one-person band hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine. Known for his eclectic blend of breakbeat, punk, electronic, hardcore punk, grunge, folk, and funk, Magua's music defies traditional genre boundaries. The single, accompanied by an animated music video, explores time, perception, and existential uncertainty themes.
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