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SIR-VERE – Legion
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The song 'Legion' from the band SIR-VERE is a real manifesto and a kind of warning to all the authorities of the world who is really their boss. This track was included in SIR-VERE's new album 'Lovescope', which was released on January 26 on on Worldsound / Virgin Music Group.
West Wickhams – Vivre Sa Vie
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West Wickhams are a musical duo formed in Tresco on the Isles of Scilly by two charismatic personalities Jon Othello and Elle Flores. They recently moved to Richmond, Surrey where they started new steps in their creative journey.
Golem Dance Cult – Ghost of Las Vegas
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On October 31, the Australian band Golem Dance Cult give their fans a new music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas'. The song was included in their latest album 'Legend of the Bleeding Heart' and has a very memorable feature.
Lolita Terrorist Sounds – St. Lola
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On October 20, Berlin avant-garde band Lolita Terrorist Sounds presented their debut album 'St. Lola'. The album consists of 7 penetrating tracks that immerse us in the world of creative impulses of this fascinating act.
Para Lia – In Clash With The Zeitgeist
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'In Clash With The Zeitgeist' is the title of the third full-length album of the German musical duo Para Lia. The release of their new album took place recently and they can certainly be proud of the work done.
Darvaza Wave – Berlin’s Hope
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The song 'Berlin's Hope' written 10 years ago and only now found its final form in a single released by the Italian rock band Darvaza Wave. The song tells about late adolescence and the challenges faced by young people.
Golem Dance Cult – 21st Century Dogs
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British band Golem Dance Cult recently shared a new album called 'Legend of the Bleeding Heart'. The guys play music based on rock, adding to it a portion of electronic, industrial and post-punk.
Stutterboy – Stutterboy ii
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On April 30, the new album of the American band Stutterboy was released. The sound of their new record, which is called 'Stutterboy ii', has a specific aura that will surely appeal to all lovers of post-punk and garage rock.
Noise Factory United – Southsea Common
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On 1 May, Noise Factory United released their debut single. Coinciding with International Workers’ Day, this original post-punk anthem stands as a call for reflection on the challenges of modern life.
Red Telephone – Hollowing Out
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'Hollowing Out' is the name of the debut album of the band Red Telephone. The collective consists of 5 members and is based in Cardiff, Great Britain. The album 'Hollowing Out' is a long-awaited record from the guys and it opens a new page in the creative life of the band.
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