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Gamina Chad – Make it Beautiful
The French artist Gamina Chad is preparing for the release of his debut album, which will include songs written in the period 2020 - 23. The single 'Make it Beautiful', which was released recently, opens the curtain to the upcoming album, inviting us into the world of Gamina Chad's creativity.

'Make it Beautiful' was released on the indie label Lady Lovely, which speaks volumes about this promising singer-songwriter. The song tells about life and all the wealth it gives us. Despite the crazy things happening around us, we always have an opportunity to give thanks for our life on this planet.  

The penetrating and soulful vocals of Gamina Chad set us in the appropriate emotional mood. Musically, the track 'Make it Beautiful' is alternative rock with its inventive guitars and cascading drums. Gentle and at the same time lively sound of the song makes it memorable and impressive.  

Listen to the single 'Make it Beautiful' below on Spotify and enjoy an awesome debut from Gamina Chad.