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Karen Harding – Imaginary Boyfriend
Australian singer-songwriter Karen Harding presented her new single 'Imaginary Boyfriend' on February 9. This song is a great alternative to the romantic songs that fill the airwaves on February 14.

The song 'Imaginary Boyfriend' tells about the search for one's romantic ideal and the fear of losing independence along with it. The graceful vocal line has a stirring motif that soars upward, carrying the longing of a lonely soul.

The minimalist indie pop arrangement allows this musical composition to be dynamic and pulsating. Dreamy guitars and harmonious synthesizers fill this track with a distinct romantic aesthetic.

Karen Harding knows how to create amazing songs that grab our souls and don't let go. 'Imaginary Boyfriend' by Karen Harding is another awesome track in her colorful music catalog.  

Listen to the single 'Imaginary Boyfriend' below on Spotify and check outthe stunning new work from the talented Karen Harding.