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Matt DeAngelis – Free At Last
'Free At Last' is the title of the new single of the American singer-songwriter Matt DeAngelis. The release of the new song took place on February 2 and gave us another life-affirming song that helps us go through life confidently.

Matt DeAngelis' sensual and insightful vocals is a beautiful musical instrument with which the artist reveals the most secret corners of his soul to us. Calm and even accompaniment begins with an honest and bright acoustic guitar. The first chorus is filled with melodic bass and tickling cymbals.

Further, the musical composition unfolds with even greater infectiousness, when dense background waves envelop the live drums one after another. Over the perfect modulation, the influx of strings adds an even more cinematic aesthetic to this wonderful song.  

Lyrically, 'Free At Last' glorifies all those who are always with us in difficult and difficult moments of our lives. For someone it is God, for someone it is a loved one, but one thing is for sure that faith helps to let go of any situation into the hands of those who are really responsible for it. We ourselves cannot influence anything in our lives, and this axiom is firmly adhered to by such a talented artist as Matt DeAngelis.  

Listen to the single 'Free At Last' below on Spotify and enjoy a bright new song from the real and sincere Matt DeAngelis.