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The Listros – Hands Against The Wall
'Hands Against The Wall' is the second single of the Canadian rock band The Listros, which was released on February 9. After the international success of their debut single 'Into The Otherside', the guys move on with the same crazy energy and stage charisma.

The song 'Hands Against The Wall' has a powerful passion and sounds like another stadium rock anthem. Memorable guitar riffs ignite and break into the rhythmic structure of the song. The vocal is emotional and expressive, it colorfully blends into the aesthetics of this musical composition.  

The song tells about a passion that leads to a dead end. The desire to get at least something from the object of one's adoration drives one crazy and prompts new wrong actions. Beauty is deceptive, but its power is undeniable. The song 'Hands Against The Wall' by The Listros makes this band even more popular in our eyes.  

Listen to the single 'Hands Against The Wall' below on Spotify and recharge yourself with the energy of a cool and promising band The Listros.