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ZOE from Earth – the Sun EP
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Australian singer-songwriter and producer ZOE from Earth released her long-awaited 'the Sun EP' on June 21. These musical compositions were first presented to the public 7 years ago and were heard at many venues where ZOE from Earth performed.
Mark Howard – The Light Behind Us
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Mark Howard, the indie rock troubadour from Phillip Island, Australia, presents his latest single, "The Light Behind Us." Released on June 14, 2024, this track is a testament to Howard's prowess in crafting emotionally resonant anthems. Born from a serendipitous encounter with a tapping bird at his window, "The Light Behind Us" embodies Howard's journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.
Parmjeet Dhillon – India
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Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillon released his deeply personal single, "India," on May 18, 2024. The track serves as a heartfelt tribute to Dhillon's late father and a celebration of his cultural heritage. Known for his emotive storytelling and authentic sound, Parmy Dhillon delivers a compelling piece that intertwines traditional Indian influences with contemporary musical elements.
Disconnectica – Reveal
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"Reveal," the latest single from Disconnectica, is a sumptuous and subversive alt-rock epic that captivates with its intricate musical arrangements and evocative lyrics. This track, serving as a preview for the upcoming debut album "Eclectic Dystopia," set for release on July 13, 2024, showcases Disconnectica's most ambitious production to date, weaving a rich tapestry of sounds with a playful yet sinister atmosphere.
The Chamberlains – Metropolis and Mental Rejects
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The Chamberlains' latest album, "Metropolis and Mental Rejects," released on May 31, 2024, is a vibrant tapestry of post-punk brilliance that immerses listeners in a sonic journey through urban landscapes and introspective musings. From the moment the first track, "Metropolis," begins, the album captivates with its infectious melodies, driving rhythms, and poignant lyricism. This track sets the stage for exploring urban life and mental health themes that pervade the album.
Drew Russell – Into The Night
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Drew Russell's EP "Into The Night," released on May 24, 2024, is a testament to his diverse musical prowess and heartfelt lyricism. The EP opens with "No Time for Lizards," a track that sets a powerful tone with its intricate blend of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and a driving rhythm section comprising kick, snare, and hats. The song's energy is palpable, reflecting Drew's ability to merge intense rock elements with reflective lyrics, creating a dynamic start to the EP.
Army Of Sleep – Metanoia
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Army Of Sleep is the brainchild of an Australian musician and composer Luke Jon Shearer, who has an incredibly bright creative career behind him. His music catalog is filled with albums and singles that fully reveal the talent of this artist.
Danielle Whalebone – Whispers of Shadows
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'Whispers of Shadows' is the third full-length album of the Australian artist Danielle Whalebone. The album was recorded during quarantine, when improvisational guitar dubs were strangely reunited with spoken word. Such a synthesis of mysticism and reality was reflected in this incredible record.
Raising Ravens – Motives
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'Motives' is the new EP of the Australian band Raising Ravens. Founded in 2020 by singer-songwriter Jess Jean Ravens, the band made a leap to assert themselves on the new punk rock scene.
Kingdom Calm – Follow The Leader
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On May 1, the Australian group Kingdom Calm presented a new single 'Follow The Leader'. This song is a good reflection of our modern life when we follow the chosen leader thinking that this will bring changes in our own lives.
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