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Kelsie Kimberlin – Twinkle
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Kelsie Kimberlin's latest release, the official music video for "Twinkle," shines a spotlight on the beauty and resilience of transgender youth. As a popular pop singer, Kimberlin's commitment to inclusivity and social advocacy is evident in her choice to celebrate diversity through her music. The song "Twinkle" serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, offering a message of acceptance and love in the face of discrimination.
Olive Louise – No Medicine
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'No Medicine' is the title of the new single by New York artist Olive Louise. This beautiful indie pop ballad talks about the fleeting nature of our lives and the impossibility of finding a cure for the trials and tribulations that plague humanity.
Catlea – Lying
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'Lying' is a new song by American singer-songwriter Catlea. Their previous singles brought Catlea the expected popularity and now this artist presents their new release, which aims to once again show their incredible talent.
VISSIA – Live, With Pleasure
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'Live, With Pleasure' is the new release from Canadian band VISSIA, offering an introspective look at the band's touring life. 'Live, With Pleasure' is, first of all, a live album from an excellent band that is fueled by creativity and confidently moving towards the musical Olympus.
Alessia De Gasperis – Evil Eye
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'Evil Eye' is a new single from the Canadian artist Alessia De Gasperis. The release of her new song took place on May 10, brightening her ever-growing music catalog. The song 'Evil Eye' is very special and enticing.
Bohardt – Tomorrow
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'Tomorrow' this is a new single from Los Angeles artist Bohardt. The song tells about the hope for a better future that will surely come tomorrow.
Shana Sarett – Love Me More
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On April 26, Los Angeles artist Shana Sarett released her new single 'Love Me More'. The song was created with the help of producer Albert Jairo Gordon, a former member of Brockhampton, which draws even more attention to this exciting musical composition.
Alfie Connor – Outside The Water
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On April 19, London-based artist Alfie Connor presented a new single, 'Outside The Water'. Before us is a very sensual song, which, undoubtedly, will not leave anyone indifferent.
How To Loot Brazil – Joy To Be Had
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How To Loot Brazil is called one of the best representatives of the German indie scene, and it's hard not to agree with that. Their creative path has exceeded the bar of 17 years and will soon reach an impressive longevity.
Kyss På Halsen – Night Wanderer
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'Night Wanderer' is the second EP from the Norwegian band Kyss På Halsen. Their first mini-album was well received by listeners and music critics and now we have their new bright work in front of us.
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