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Giardini Oort – DARK THOUGHTS
Giardini Oort is a music project managed by Andrea "Andy" Para, a professional percussionist, musician and producer. He writes and records his music at his home studio in Ravenna, Italy, where all the magic of the creative process happens.

On January 24, Giardini Oort released a new single 'DARK THOUGHTS', which is a great addition to the artist's colorful catalog. This musical composition reflects the worst side of any war or conflict, when innocent children die. In our turbulent time, when dark deeds are taking place in the world, children especially suffer in the hot spots of our planet.  

Musically, the track 'DARK THOUGHTS' represents downtempo with experimental forms and fresh ideas. The pulling minor synthesizer hypnotizes and drags us into a vortex of thoughts and experiences. The minimalist melody follows a sad leitmotif throughout the song. Warm beats and rich percussion add impulsivity and belly to this piece of music.  

'DARK THOUGHTS' by Giardini Oort is heart-stirring music that stays with us for a long time, because it has the same content that is an important message to all the strong and influential of this world. Listen to the single 'DARK THOUGHTS' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the amazing dark aura of the new track from Giardini Oort.