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Mystic Wolf – Healing is a Journey
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Mystic Wolf is an unusual artist and a true esthete and nature connoisseur, in combination with which his amazing music emerges. 'Healing is a Journey' is the title of his debut EP, which was released earlier this year.
Assa Music – Typical
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The Norwegian artist Assa Music presented a new single 'Typical' on February 16. This track is a cover version of the famous song by Alok and Steve Aoki.
Lotte BMFee – Remember (Boom Boom Boom)
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German artist Lotte BMFee presented her new single 'Remember (Boom Boom Boom)' on January 28. This is her second collaboration with DJ Herr Wolf and as a result we have a really exciting electronic music composition.
MELFI – I Got You
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Melfi is an ambitious electronic musician who is definitely a manifestation of the latest trends in electronic music. His new single 'I Got You' was released on February 2 and signaled a new turn in MELFI's career.
Giardini Oort – DARK THOUGHTS
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Giardini Oort is a music project managed by Andrea "Andy" Para, a professional percussionist, musician and producer. He writes and records his music at his home studio in Ravenna, Italy, where all the magic of the creative process happens.
Perdurabo – Magnetar
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Perdurabo is the stage name of an Italian electronic musician and producer Davide Arneodo. On January 26, Perdurabo's debut album, called 'Magnetar', was released. The record contains 10 original tracks, some of which were already released as singles last year and opened the curtain of this wonderful musical work.
LOCKDOWN – Vengeance
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LOCKDOWN is a musical project of Dallas electronic musician Jonathan Fair. His debut single 'Vengeance' was released on January 8 and revealed another talented musical unit to us.
XPQ-21 – Where Minds Collide
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XPQ-21 is a Berlin-based music project led by Jeyênne, a pioneer of the rave scene and a singer and producer. On January 11, a new single from XPQ-21 was released, which captivates from the first atmospheric bars. The song is called 'Where Minds Collide' and it talks about the expansion of artificial intelligence and the indefinite future of all humanity in this connection.
DJ Thommek – Dancing with Tuareg
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DJ Thommek writes and records his EDM tracks using the program Ableton. His first musical activity was in his youth, when he played guitar and double bass in several bands. Since then, music has always been in his heart and he has always been drawn to creativity.
The Screaming Pope – Neon Heights
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The Screaming Pope is a project of Boston-based musician and producer George Bolton, which started in 2020. George Bolton is a veteran of the American electronic scene who began writing his own music in the early 80s. This is an extremely talented and prolific artist who releases each new album with a unique essence.
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