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Despite the Wane – Beyond That Wall
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The single 'Beyond That Wall' is taken from the album of the same name by the Italian band Despite the Wane. The song amazes with its emotional coolness that easily reaches our hearts, leaving its aesthetic mark there.
Last Funk – Let The Groove
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Last Funk is a duo of two talented musicians Mark Mc Wonder and Antony White based in Laigueglia, Italy where they actually create music in their studio. Their style is sunny, energetic and groovy without which more than one of their tracks is indispensable.
Monobjo – ‘TAROT (Original Score)’
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The new work from the Italian musician and composer Monobjo is called 'TAROT (Original Score)'. This is a full-length album consisting of 22 original tracks, each of which through a musical prism reflects the aesthetics of each of the main trump cards of the Tarot.
A Day in Venice – Through the Embers of Hell
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A Day in Venice is the brainchild of an Italian musician and producer, Andrej Kralj, who covers many styles with his work, constantly progressing and experimenting. 'Through the Embers of Hell' this is a new single by A Day in Venice that was released on March 24.
EEF Early Ettringite Formation – Something For You
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On March 1, EEF Early Ettringite Formation released a new single 'Something For You'. The band was formed in 2015 in Marotta, ​​Italy and since then they have been gaining momentum giving their fans really quality music.
Nimby – Avatar
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The Italian band Nimby first gathered in 2009 and since then the guys have been playing real modern rock n roll filled with elements of post-punk and indie. Currently, Nimby are preparing a new album and their latest single 'Avatar' is intended to open the curtain on their new musical work.
Giardini Oort – DARK THOUGHTS
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Giardini Oort is a music project managed by Andrea "Andy" Para, a professional percussionist, musician and producer. He writes and records his music at his home studio in Ravenna, Italy, where all the magic of the creative process happens.
Perdurabo – Magnetar
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Perdurabo is the stage name of an Italian electronic musician and producer Davide Arneodo. On January 26, Perdurabo's debut album, called 'Magnetar', was released. The record contains 10 original tracks, some of which were already released as singles last year and opened the curtain of this wonderful musical work.
Massimo De Simone – La canzone dei pianeti
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On December 28, the Italian artist Massimo De Simone released a new single 'La canzone dei pianeti', which is translated from Italian as 'The song of the planets'. This extremely sweet and romantic ballad is an exquisite piece of music that has it all, sweet melody, broad harmony and dreamy content.
Of Shadows And Lights – Poems From The Edge
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Of Shadows And Lights is the musical project of the Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Angelo Pitone. He writes, arranges and records his tracks entirely by himself, and his creative heritage is replenished every time with interesting and charismatic musical compositions.
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