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Oliver Jordan – Secret 13
'Secret 13' is the title of the new single of the American artist Oliver Jordan. The song will be included on his upcoming album and reveals the latest creative impulses of this independent artist.

'Secret 13' this is a sad musical composition that tells about the tragic events that happened to a girl. Catchy vocal motif runs through the entire track, filling the song with memories of past love. The acoustic guitar gives the song an honest and open sound and the monotonous synth melody covers the track with its dark waves.  

The medium-tempo rhythm provides a smooth movement of the musical fabric. The song 'Secret 13' by Oliver Jordan has the taste of alternative rock of the 90s, when this style was just getting on its feet and attracting new and new fans to its ranks. In truth, even today this track sounds modern and relevant thanks to the frank emotional depth of the lyrics and live accompaniment.  

Listen to the single 'Secret 13' below on Spotify and discover the original work of Oliver Jordan.