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January 29, 2024
The Connecting Dots – Dancing On Water Lilies
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'Dancing On Water Lilies' is the title of the new single by the Swedish band The Connecting Dots, which was released on January 26. The Connecting Dots create memorable music that perfectly illustrates modern life with its rapid pace of life and the desire for freedom.
MoonBell – Are All Jazz Players Idealistic Nihilists?
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On January 25, the new single of the Canadian music project MoonBell, which is behind the musician and producer Josh Richert, was released. In his home studio in Winnipeg, he creates amazing music filled with special philosophical content and experimental manifestations.
Giardini Oort – DARK THOUGHTS
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Giardini Oort is a music project managed by Andrea "Andy" Para, a professional percussionist, musician and producer. He writes and records his music at his home studio in Ravenna, Italy, where all the magic of the creative process happens.
Oliver Jordan – Secret 13
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'Secret 13' is the title of the new single of the American artist Oliver Jordan. The song will be included on his upcoming album and reveals the latest creative impulses of this independent artist.
Wishpenny – day after dark
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Wishpenny is a husband and wife musical duo that has been creating their own folk rock music for over 30 years. Wishpenny are based in Nashville where they involve guest musicians to record their tracks.
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AGGRASOPPAR is a band formed in the Faroe Islands by like-minded musicians who set out to create extraordinary music, a kind of mixture of lo-fi, punk and avant-garde. The debut album released in 2020 and two subsequent EPs brought the band success, which was the impetus for invitations to well-known European festivals.