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RinRin – Hellfire
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Australian rock artist RinRin released his new single 'Hellfire' on July 9th. The 20-year-old singer has the support of a real rock band that plays heavy slam music against the background of her romantic emo vocals.
LIVSKA – Stranger
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We remember the debut work from Australian artist LIVSKA this spring and it was fantastic. And finally, on July 9, her new single called 'Stranger' was released. LIVSKA music is an original fusion of 80s aesthetics with modern indie styles.
Rj Bacon – Low Ambition Day
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It's time to return to the home studio of musician Rj Bacon, based in Sydney. His jazz is incredibly light and expressive is what we've been looking for lately to listen to. The single 'Low Ambition Day' was released on July 9 and is the title track for this artist's new album.
Hazel Mei – The Funniest Thing
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The soft and mesmerizing song 'The Funniest Thing' was released as a separate single on July 4th. Author - Australian singer Hazel Mei. While locked in the picturesque city of Brisbane, the charming Hazel caught the muse and quickly wrote and mixed this track.
Momoko Rose – Humans Weep
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Momoko Rose is an Australian singer songwriter. Her unique style is best expressed in her new music video 'Humans Weep'. The collected image of the artist was transmitted thanks to the video work of the cinematic masterpiece directed by Jesse Leaman.
Buttered – Love
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We move to the Gold Coast of Australia where the city of the same name really lives up to its name. It was there and not somewhere else that such an fusion of the sun, waves and civilization that gave birth to the indie duo Buttered could have arisen. The guys released their new single 'Love' on June 18 and continue their movement to the musical Olympus.
Rory and the Reverie – herbal tea
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Night is probably the best time to create new music. That's what Australian artist Rory And the Reverie thinks. One day, sitting in his bedroom in the middle of the night, Rory picked up a guitar and sang the song 'herbal tea' for the first time.
Mass Experience – Sitting With Demons
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Musical friendships don't just happen. At least it does not pass without fruit. When Sydney musicians Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton met 25 years ago, they remembered each other for their talent and originality. There were the 90s - a time of stormy rave and cult clubs. These were the days of great electronic music. The musicians recently reunited in the duo Mass Experience to record a series of new singles and release a full-length album.
LIVSKA – Patience
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LIVSKA's debut work is called 'Patience' and it opens up new Melbourne-based talent for us. The cultural capital of Australia is full of musical events and in such a favorable environment are grown real diamonds of creative essence. LIVSKA's music was born in the artist's bedroom and during the quarantine, was recorded by receiving the recording forms we hear now.
Rj Bacon – Beyond the Perpendicular
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As musician and composer Russell Bacon says of himself: "I like to record and produce cool, smooth Jazz from my small studio in Sydney, Australia." Let's listen to some jazz from multi-instrumentalist Rj Bacon.
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