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Katanak – Pinch Grip – Radio Edit
Australian artist Katanak released his new single 'Pinch Grip - Radio Edit' on September 3. Katanak is based in Brisbane where he is inspired by beautiful ocean views and bright sunny days. Maybe that's why his songs have such a lively and warm current that leads to immersion in his work.

Artist Katanak is a real indie artist who achieves everything himself by promoting his creative material to the mass audience and attracting them with his own talent. The song 'Pinch Grip - Radio Edit' has a modern indie sound based on guitar riffs and sublime groove. There is a real mood in the vocals that the author conveys with his intonation and velvety tone.  

Talking about toxic relationships and everything that comes from it, the singer is imbued with his emotions and his vision of this issue. The track received a wonderful production by one of well-known producer and has already begun its journey through the boundless expanses of radio broadcasts and the Internet streams.  

Listen to the single 'Pinch Grip - Radio Edit' on Spotify below and enjoy the energy and melody of the new track from Katanak.